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‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Stars and Director on the Film’s Big Twist and Getting John Cho to Sing Karaoke

[This story contains major spoilers from Don’t Make Me Go.] In Don’t Make Me Go, teen lead and young narrator Wally — played by burgeoning star Mia Isaac — is just beginning to grapple with the idea that her father might not be around forever when the unthinkable happens. The bittersweet road-trip film sees John […]

‘Don’t Make Me Go’ Director Hannah Marks on Challenges of Filming in New Zealand and Value of Personal Connections to Projects

Writer-director Hannah Marks, who got her start acting in projects like Accepted, Weeds, Necessary Roughness and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, made her feature directorial debut with After Everything, which she also wrote. And she directed another film that she wrote, Mark, Mary & Some Other People, before she directed Don’t Make Me Go, which […]

Next Big Thing: Mia Isaac on the Advice John Cho Gave Her While Filming Debut ‘Don’t Make Me Go’

In a Hollywood where the average onscreen high schooler is played by an actor a decade removed from homeroom, Mia Isaac and her lively performance in Don’t Make Me Go stand out. Isaac turned 17 on the first day of filming for the Hannah Marks-directed coming-of-age movie. She plays Wally, the teenage daughter who begrudgingly […]

Outfest at 40: Inside the Anniversary of L.A.’s LGBTQ Film Festival

In 1982 — when L.A.’s LGBTQ film festival Outfest was born, the same year that Making Love, Personal Best and Victor/Victoria were released — queer content on screen was mostly scarce and what did exist was often hard to access. Cut to the 40th anniversary this year of Outfest, and gay content is easy to […]

Russo Bros on ‘Everything Everywhere,’ ‘The Gray Man’ and Working With Netflix: “Nobody Bothers You”

Bringing the phrase “going with your gut” to an altogether new level, Anthony and Joe Russo picked the location of their office for its proximity to pasta. Once regulars at L.A.-based chef Steve Samson’s late Westside outpost Sotto, the duo scored an early invite to his Italian follow-up, Rossoblu, in 2017 — the same year […]

Daniel Kaluuya Is Cool to Keep You Guessing

When the pandemic sent us into lockdown, Daniel Kaluuya watched a film a day. He opens the Notes app on his phone to show me the film diary he created. There are dozens of titles logged, along with notes. Juice. The Game. Interstellar. He tells me about falling back in love with The Prestige and […]

Thor’s Future After the ‘Love and Thunder’ Post-Credit Scenes

[This story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.] The final moments of Thor: Love and Thunder propel the film’s leading man into new territory. Before the credits roll, the film closes out by opening a new chapter in Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) life — from dad bod to dad god. In honoring Gorr the God Butcher’s […]

Freida Pinto on Why ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List’ Is a “Significant Step” for Inclusion On and Offscreen

When she was sent the script for Mr. Malcolm’s List, star Freida Pinto says it felt like it was written for her. Sharing a name with her character, and having studied English Literature in college, Pinto could already imagine herself as Jane Austen’s “complex” and “beautifully nuanced characters.” Yet despite feeling seen on the page, […]

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Star Tessa Thompson Discusses the Fun Moment She Fought for and the Freedom of ‘Creed III’

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie may not be enamored with the added responsibility of being King of Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder, but the actor feels just the opposite about her relatively new title of producer. In 2021, Thompson launched a production company known as Viva Maude and signed a first-look deal at HBO and HBO […]

‘Rust’ Rallied Hollywood, But Has Spurred Limited Action So Far

More than eight months after the Rust tragedy put a spotlight on gun safety on set — especially at the lower-budget level — there’s increased awareness, but real change has been limited and halting. What modest shifts are detectable appear to be propelled by the newfound liability concerns of business affairs departments at the studio level. And […]

‘The Black Phone’ Writer C. Robert Cargill Discusses The Grabber’s Backstory and the Emotional Last-Minute Rewrite

[This story contains spoilers for The Black Phone.] It’s been 10 years since Sinister’s creative team delivered one of Blumhouse’s earliest low-budget success stories, but the trio of C. Robert Cargill, Scott Derrickson and Ethan Hawke have answered the call yet again with The Black Phone. Blumhouse and Universal’s latest supernatural horror film opened to […]

Hollywood Flashback: 30 Years Ago, Eddie Murphy Soared With ‘Boomerang’

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