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‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Reflects On Game-Changing Episode and Her Emmy Nominations

[This story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Fun and Games.”] It’s been quite a week for Rhea Seehorn as the actor is still on cloud nine following not one but two Emmy nominations for her performances on AMC’s Better Call Saul and Cooper’s Bar. It’s also been quite a night for Kim Wexler, […]

‘Westworld’ Actress Aurora Perrineau on That Shocking Twist and Her Character’s “Mad Max War Dog Situation”

[This story contains major spoilers for the fourth episode of Westworld season four, “Generation Loss.”] When Aurora Perrineau graced Westworld‘s season four premiere carpet in late June, she was the only one from the show’s newer cast in attendance to speak to the press. In a way, the actress — who plays a character known […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Star Rish Shah Defends Kamran’s True Intentions and Talks Mind-Blowing Spider-Man Lunch Break

[This story contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel.] Now that Ms. Marvel’s critically acclaimed first season has concluded, Rish Shah wants to make it clear that Kamala Khan’s ClanDestine crush, Kamran, had the purest of intentions all along.  When it’s revealed at the end of episode two and the beginning of episode three of the Disney+ […]

‘A League of Their Own’ Star Abbi Jacobson on Whether Series Characters Will Call Back to Team From 1992 Film

This July marks the 30th anniversary of the Penny Marshall-directed A League of Their Own, a cinematic classic that reintroduced — and in some cases, merely introduced — American audiences to one of the most distinctive periods in U.S. sports history. It’s also just one month ahead of when Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham’s co-created […]

What the ‘Yellowstone’ Snub Really Means for the Emmys

The shutout of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone was, for many, the most egregious “snub” of the July 12 Emmy nominations announcement. The Montana-set neo-Western created by Taylor Sheridan (who, in addition to writing the episodes occasionally directs and appears as a supporting character) was a massive ratings hit from the outset, particularly in the heartland, but […]

‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale Holds Latest (And Most Significant) Breadcrumb Leading to the MCU’s X-Men Introduction

[This story contains spoilers for the Ms. Marvel season finale.]  Marvel continues to tease the long-awaited crossover that fans have been dying to see — the emergence of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For years, the X-Men were kept out of the MCU narrative due to rights issues (Bryan Singer’s X-Men films of […]

How ‘Better Call Saul’ Writer-EP Gordon Smith Brought a 13-Year-Old ‘Breaking Bad’ Story to a Close

[This story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Point and Shoot.”] In 2009, Breaking Bad opened the book on Lalo Salamanca, and now, 13 years later, Better Call Saul writer-EP Gordon Smith has closed it. After writing several of the most critically acclaimed hours in the series, Smith’s decorated career as a writer-producer on […]

How ‘Ms. Marvel’ Finale Easter Egg May Signal Kamala Khan Becoming the MCU’s Forefront

[This story contains spoilers for the Ms. Marvel season finale.]  “There is no normal,” Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) says in the finale of Ms. Marvel. That turns out to be an understatement, as the true extent of her powers is revealed to her in the final minutes of the series. The six-episode Disney+ drama, led […]

‘South Park’ Lambastes Matt Damon, Other Stars Who Peddled Crypto in New Paramount+ Special

[This story contains spoilers for South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2.]  South Park — as per usual — did not pull any punches when the series went after a number of stars for promoting cryptocurrency prior to the market taking a huge dive this year. In South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2, the […]

‘Ms. Marvel’: What That Post-Credits Visitor Means

[This story contains spoilers for the season finale of Ms. Marvel.]  Most Ms. Marvel fans are not going to be surprised by the cameo, but the season finale appearance came at just the right time. It seemed pretty clear from the opening moments of the Disney+ series, starring Iman Vellani as a teenager who idolizes […]

‘Better Call Saul’ Star Tony Dalton Breaks Down Midseason Premiere’s Climactic Ending

[The following story contains major spoilers for Better Call Saul’s “Point and Shoot.”] After 13 years, the story of Lalo is now complete.  During “Better Call Saul,” Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) debut episode on Breaking Bad, the criminal lawyer yelled the name “Lalo” in sheer terror, and ever since then, Breaking Bad and Better Call […]

‘Better Call Saul’ Boss Explains That Midseason Premiere Shocker

Series co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould discusses the midseason premiere of the final 'Better Call Saul' season, which features several twisty character decisions and another big shocker involving a cast regular.