September 7: Fall semester of 2014 begins

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

We are very excited to announce the Fall semester of 2014 begins at 10:30AM of September 7!

Welcome back to the MSU Chinese School!

Here are a few things we would like to share with you:

1) Temporary school office
– Berkey Hall 110
– Office hour: Between 10:40 – 11:40 of September 7 and 14

2) Information related to classrooms, schedule, book and registration
– Please find those information from our web site and registration system

3) Payment
– Please log into the class registration system to find out your payment amount
– Parents must come to the office (Berkey Hall 110) to pay for tuition & book fees before 10:45AM
– The check payable to “GLCC”
– If you have more than one students registered, please write one check for each student. No combined check accepted.

– Tuition is $120 per registration per student for this semester (13 weeks).
– A $20 processing fee will be collected for any late registration.
– Books are optional for purchasing, and book fees may vary in amount from class to class.

4) Parents conference
– Berkey Hall 110
– Between 10:40 – 11:20 of September 21
– ALL parents are invited. A separate reminder may be sent out later

5) Safety of all our students

– please don’t leave your child unattended anywhere in the building
– please drop off and pick up your children on time
– please ask your children not to play with the elevators to avoid getting stuck when the old elevators are getting broken
– we have no volunteers to help us watch the students, so please take care of your children by yourselves
– please update your phone number and email addresses in our class registration system. The information can be used as emergency contact.

6) Student behaviors
Please discuss with your children about proper behaviors at school, including, but not limited,

– to keep the noise down during recess.
– don’t throw garbage onto the floors of the classrooms and hallways
– no running in the corridor
– respect others, both classmates and teachers

7) Parent behaviors
Please maintain a good group image for the community, and be the role models of our students

– please don’t use the parking space designated for the disabled if you have no permit
– please don’t stop your cars in front of the building door on the road and block others
– please pick up your children on time (no later than 12:20PM of each Sunday) from classrooms

8) Severe weather and snow day
– An alert must be posted on our web site no later than 9:15AM of Sundays if any class is canceled due to severe weather condition
– please check the web site/email before you leave for the school if the road/weather condition is not safe for driving.
Hope both you and our students have another successful semester with MSU Chinese School.

See you on September 7!

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