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2019 Latern Festival

2019年2月24日, MSU 中文学校成功举办元宵晚会! 这一天,兰辛地区华人齐聚一堂,欢乐共度元宵。
随着舞龙队的震撼开场,晚会拉开了大幕。 诗歌朗诵《木兰辞》带大家走进花木兰的世界;六年级的学生和家长们带来了热闹喜庆的歌曲《咚咚锵过新年》;杨国璟和孙天任同学的相声《白字先生》幽默风趣;欧阳老师独唱《大鱼》歌声美妙动听;九年级《成语猜猜猜》让现场观众参与其中,享受互动的乐趣。


视频链接:舞龙七年级五年级一年级九年级社区舞蹈团, 相声提琴三重奏四年级拼音班八年级二年级六年级大鱼风筝误三年级



2017 Lantern Festival Celebration

Time: Sunday, 2/12/2017, 3-5 PM

Location: MSU Erickson Hall, Kiva Room (the circle shaped room at upper right corner of Erickson Hall)


Teaching Award Voting

There are 7 teachers being nominated for the Teaching Award of 2014.

Please visit the award page below for the resumes and supporting documents of nominees, and voting form.

Please complete the voting form by May 8.


Thanks for your support!

Year-End Celebration Potluck Party on May 18th

MSU Chinese School will host a year-end party May 18 (Sunday, 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm) at Lake Lansing Park South (Click for Map).

We will prepare food, drinks, and many fun activities for kids such as tug-of-war, sandbag toss, rubber band skipping, face painting, parent-child games like a foot race, just to name a few.

You and your family and friends are very welcome! You are welcome to bring one of your favorite dishes to share with others.

Note: you may be charged $~3 per vehicle by the park to enter the park.

中文学校将于5月18号3:30至8:30在Lake Lansing Park South (Click for Map)举办年终聚会,邀请所有学生和家长参加。


To help us organize the party, please click this form to sign up: # of adults/kids, and dishes to bring and share.




地点:Berkey Hall Room 110

主题: 不同文化环境下教育孩子的问题 (Raising Chinese children in the U.S.: Helping children negotiate multiple cultural contexts)

Teaching Award Nomination

At MSU Chinese School, our teachers are working very hard with our students and striving to give them a pleasant Chinese language learning experience. Without any reservation, I would like to tell all of you that the current teaching team is the BEST ever in term of professionalism and passion in teaching.

A teaching award was designed to show our appreciation the team and individual teachers that made significant contributions to the school and had influence on the students/other teachers/parents.
Now, I am really proud to invite you to nominate your favorite teachers at your best judgment and common sense. Please fill out the nomination form below by April 27:http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/teachers/teachers-2/teaching-award-nomination/

Also, please find out more information about the award, teachers, and class notes:




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