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Can I get an incentive if my child attends Chinese contest?

Yes! In order to encourage our students to attend the annual/biennial Chinese contest organized by Michigan Chinese School Association, MSU Chinese School may refund the registration fee of each participant in full or partial, and even reimburse the gas expenses for car pooling.

The details is as below:
1) registration fee must be paid before the payment due day. The late payment isn’t qualified for this incentive program.
2) student must attend the event.
3) proof of the event participation must be presented. The proof includes any written document issued by the contest committee
4) signed letter from all parties of car pooling must be provided for gas expense reimbursement. The car pooling is valid when there are more one participants traveling together to the contest by a single car. The total gas expense is calculated by the following standard formula: total = total_mileage/30 miles per gallon * current_gas_price. For example, total mileage for the … Continue Reading

Can parents sit in the classrooms?

All parents of the students in Pinyin class are required to sit in the classroom to help their children.

Other parents are welcome to sit in the classrooms, when they agree and pass the restrictions below:

1) Must get the approval from the class teacher
2) Must NOT make any comment on the teacher, any students and their child during the class time

How often we may have a parent meeting?

Ideally, a parent meeting is a yearly event, so that the parents and the school administration team can review the most important things about the school.

We found the parents were too busy to attend our meetings, so we may have the parent meeting each year only for the new families, especially, Pinyin class.


Can An International Student Work for the school?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. Please check out the article and find out whether an international student is eligible to work for the School and get paid:


How to Obtain Transcript and Certificate?

From May 2012, the School officially started to issue Transcript and Certificate of Completion to the students, who have completed all required coursework in MSU Chinese School.

In order to get the certificate and transcript, the following items must be checked or completed:

1) to log in your MSU Chinese School account and make sure the student having a complete academic record, that is, online registration record
2) to review the sample transcript and sample certificate
3) to complete a request form
4) to send an email about your request to the Principal

Each qualified student can receive the first copy of the Transcript and Certificate of Completion free of charge. Thereafter, each copy costs the material fee of $5.00.

What is the tuition policy?

1) Early withdraw refund

NOTE: No refund after 3 classes.

refund = rate per class * number of remaining classes – processing free ($20), for example,  if rate = 10 and number of remaining classes = 5, then the tuition refund will be $30 (10*5 – 20).

2) Tuition for late enrollment

tuition = rate per class * number of remaining classes + processing free ($20), for example,  if rate = 10 and number of remaining classes = 15, then the tuition will be $170 (10*15 + 20).

3) Yearly Enrollment

Starting from Fall 2015, we will just enroll students yearly: once a year. However, we will allow students to cancel the spring semester with full refund if we are notified during the fall semester; for sure we will also allow new students (who did not enroll in fall semester) to enroll for Spring semester.

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