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Teaching Award Nomination

At MSU Chinese School, our teachers are working very hard with our students and striving to give them a pleasant Chinese language learning experience. Without any reservation, I would like to tell all of you that the current teaching team is the BEST ever in term of professionalism and passion in teaching.

A teaching award was designed to show our appreciation the team and individual teachers that made significant contributions to the school and had influence on the students/other teachers/parents.
Now, I am really proud to invite you to nominate your favorite teachers at your best judgment and common sense. Please fill out the nomination form below by April 27:http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/teachers/teachers-2/teaching-award-nomination/

Also, please find out more information about the award, teachers, and class notes:




Certificate Factory

In March 2012, the new administration team decided to give students certificates each year. At that time, none of us had experience in making certificates.

On April 1, Tina spent a few hours doing research on the certificate paper and relates at the local OfficeMax and Best Buy. A few days later, she bought 105 pieces of certificate paper and stickers.

With the certificate paper, Bin started figuring out how to make and print certificates. Two days  later, he mastered a technique to print a mass of certificates populated by the data retrieved from a registration database.

Jing and  the team selected a certificate template. On April 15, the first certificate was printed successfully, and shown to all teachers.

Everything was good. Bin opened a certificate factory in his basement. The assembly line conducted the following activities:

1) To load certificate paper to printer

2) To send certificate PDF from computer to printer

3) To retrieve the … Continue Reading

Let’s Go Party


Inclusiveness: providing opportunity for learners from all backgrounds—bringing their passion and talent to join a vibrant, intellectual community built on mutual respect—to experience and to multiply the benefits of the power of knowledge throughout their lives …

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