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Chinese New Year Celebration Plan

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Video Content Ratings

Our teachers are trying very hard to find videos for your students in order to attract their attentions and keep the class more interesting. When choosing a video, a teacher must check the rating of its contents, which is calibrated by the frequency and degree of the violence, language,  sexual content and so on.

Please check the websites below for the rating definitions:
When there is no rating specified for a video, teachers can use the guidelines to rate it by themselves, and make sure the video contents appropriate for their students.


CHINESE-1 和 Advanced Practical Chinese 将教学生查字典。其他年级也应当帮助学生提高他们查字典的技能。今年,学校将订购一批新华字典。

Volunteers on the First Day of the School

Around ten volunteers will be recruited to help us on the first day of the school (Sept 9). I will call all parents of class-8 students. The following parents can help us with payment collection and book delivery. The working hour is between 10:40AM and 11:10AM.

The process is as below:

1) parents must turn in the payments to our volunteers by class.
2) the volunteers pick up books from Shi Jing and Zhong Shan, and give the pay checks to Tina at the same time
3) the volunteers deliver the books to the classrooms, get teacher’s signature and turn it back to BH-110

4) Wu Lingling will help teachers setup computers and projectors if needed
5) Wang Ping stays in the office and gives a hand whenever needed

6) Gao Bin will try to answer all questions from parents. Also, he plans to have a short meeting with the parents of Class-8 students around 11:30AM.

School Journal

A few years ago, MSU Chinese School periodically published the School Journal (星星集). The Journal collected many kinds of students’ works, from drawing, handwriting to article. One day when a group of parents read aloud the papers and reviewed the drawing and handwriting,  they all were so proud of the students and felt everything is so fresh, interesting and memorable.

For some a reason, the Journal was discontinued. It would be nice for us to restore the Journal and keep each student’s works onto paper.

Here is my proposal for the effort:

Journal Name: 星星集

Contents: anything related to the Chinese learning from students, teachers and parents, especially, students’ works

Language: Chinese is preferred, but not limited

Period: at least one issue per year
Format: electronic and print


What we need to do:

  1. allocate a budget for editing, publishing and printing ($200)
  2. find a volunteer lead editor
  3. seek the teachers’ help to design and collect student’s work
  4. find a vendor to … Continue Reading

Prepare for Parties

There are two parties that the teachers can encourage and help the students to get involved:

1) Moon festival (September 30, 2012)

2) New year party (February 17/24, 2013)

For each party, each class may prepare one or more pieces of presentation or performance. All presentation or performance must be submitted to Shi Jing/Wang Ping by the specified date.

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