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Spring Semester 2015 Registration Begins

The classes for the spring semester are open for registration now! Online registration is required for all Chinese classes.

1) The registration deadline is Monday, December 22, 2014.
2) Please fill out the accurate registration information, which will be printed onto certificates at year end and kept in the official student records and transcripts.
3) Late registration may cause a student to have no textbooks on time, and subject to $20 processing fee. (Tuition Policy)

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

The Chinese Classes are open for registration through Course Registration site:

For detailed information about courses and tuition, please visit:

For more information about teachers and students enrolled, please visit:

If you are new here, please read through our new family handbook:

Please make sure you joined our mailing list:

招聘中文教师 (2015 Spring)


申请者须喜爱孩子,热爱中文教学,必须有工作许可证 (working permit to get paid)。工作时间从2015年1月初起,每周日早上10:30到中午12:30, 学校教室为MSU的教学楼。

有意者请发送简历给 齐月(qiyue.qi@gmail.com)和贺光明 (heguangm@msu.edu)。报名申请截至日期:2015年1月1日。



2014 Fall Teacher-Parent Conferences (班级家长会)

Teacher-Parent conferences are going on! Please refer to your teacher’s email for detailed information. Here is a summary:

  • Pinyin: It’s done on 9/28
  • Pratical Chinese:
  • Chinese-1: 10/5,  12:10-12:30PM,  BH Room 118
  • Chinese-2: 10/5,  12:10-12:30PM,  BH Room 209
  • Chinese-3: 10/5,  12:10-12:30PM,  BH Room 217
  • Chinese-4 (1): 10/12,  12:30PM,  BH Room 218B
  • Chinese-4 (2):
  • Chinese-5: 10/5,  12:15-12:40PM,  BH Room 105A
  • Chinse-6: 10/12,  10:00-10:30PM,  BH Room 218A
  • Chinse-7: 10/5,  12:20-12:50PM,  BH Room 105B
  • Chinse-8: 10/5,  12:10-12:25PM,  BH Room 112A
  • Chinse-9: 10/5,  12:10-12:30PM,  BH Room 106B

September 7: Fall semester of 2014 begins

Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

We are very excited to announce the Fall semester of 2014 begins at 10:30AM of September 7!

Welcome back to the MSU Chinese School!

Here are a few things we would like to share with you:

1) Temporary school office
– Berkey Hall 110
– Office hour: Between 10:40 – 11:40 of September 7 and 14

2) Information related to classrooms, schedule, book and registration
– Please find those information from our web site and registration system
– http://msuChineseSchool.org/
– http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/course/
– http://msuchineseschool.org/school/Registration.asp

3) Payment
– Please log into the class registration system to find out your payment amount
– Parents must come to the office (Berkey Hall 110) to pay for tuition & book fees before 10:45AM
– The check payable to “GLCC”
– If you have more than one students registered, please write one check for each student. No combined check accepted.

– Tuition is $120 per registration per student for this semester (13 weeks).
– A $20 processing fee will … Continue Reading

Ms. Yu Qiu: Distinguished Teacher of 2014

Throughout the nomination and voting process, we received more than 50 responses.

Ms. Yu Qiu (voting result: 68.54%) became the award winner of this year. Congratulations!
For more information about the award, nominees, voting result, comments and award recipient, please visit our award page: http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/teachers/award/

May 11: the last day of Spring semester

May 11 is the last day of this semester, and we will have a summer break. The Fall semester will start at 10:30AM of September 7, 2014. Please check out our website for class schedule and registration.

As always, thanks for all of your effort and support in the Chinese language learning process!

Have a wonderful Summer!

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