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Ms. Yu Qiu: Distinguished Teacher of 2014

Throughout the nomination and voting process, we received more than 50 responses.

Ms. Yu Qiu (voting result: 68.54%) became the award winner of this year. Congratulations!
For more information about the award, nominees, voting result, comments and award recipient, please visit our award page: http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/teachers/award/

Teacher Absences

During any semester, teachers can have absences for any reason. An advanced notice must be submitted to the Principal with the absence periods, including starting and ending dates so that the school admin can have time to find sub teachers or make appropriate arrangements.

Below is the basic guideline:
1) the absence period cannot be longer than a whole semester, either Spring or fall semester
2) absences are unpaid
3) it would be great if the teacher can identify and recommend a qualified substitute teacher to the school. The qualification of the sub will be examined by school admin team. If needed, an interview will be conducted

Teaching Award Nomination

At MSU Chinese School, our teachers are working very hard with our students and striving to give them a pleasant Chinese language learning experience. Without any reservation, I would like to tell all of you that the current teaching team is the BEST ever in term of professionalism and passion in teaching.

A teaching award was designed to show our appreciation the team and individual teachers that made significant contributions to the school and had influence on the students/other teachers/parents.
Now, I am really proud to invite you to nominate your favorite teachers at your best judgment and common sense. Please fill out the nomination form below by April 27:http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/teachers/teachers-2/teaching-award-nomination/

Also, please find out more information about the award, teachers, and class notes:




Meet with Dr. Zhang Dongbo

TOPIC:         Creating Conditions for Motivated Learning of Chinese among Heritage Learners
HOST:          Dr. Zhang Dongbo
FORMAT:     Discussion Forum (座谈)
TIME:          12:35 – 1:45, March 30, 2014

Light snack and drinks will be provided.

Bonus Pay Formula

The compensation for teacher’s work consists of two parts: the fixed compensation and bonus pay. The bonus pay is NOT guaranteed. Below is the formula to calculate the bonus. Currently, the calculation only considers workload, instead of performance.

Formula:   Total Bonus Pay  =  (Base Pay + Number of Students * Rate * Classes Taught Semester/Total Classes)

Parameters:    Base Pay (per semester)
Rate (per student per semester)
Total Classes in Fall    13
Total Classes in Spring    17
Total Classes    30

Base Pay and Rate can vary from one year to another, being determined by available funding during current semester year.

Documents to Teachers

There are two types of documents that are issued to teachers:

1) Offer Letter when a teacher gets hired. In the letter, essential information must be included:

- main tasks and responsibility

- pay rate

2) Certificate in honor of teaching and service when a teacher is leaving MSU Chinese School. The certificate can be packaged with other items:

- a name list of students, whom the teacher has taught

- class photos


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