Advanced Pratical Chinese

Our class offers Chinese language and culture instruction for students without Chinese language input at home. We provide communicative Chinese instruction including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our interactive and engaging learning environment and the small size of our groups ensure active learning and individualized attention. The student is grouped by proficiency and age differences.

Our goal is to introduce children to different aspects of the Chinese language and culture, increase their abilities and interests in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Chinese. It helps students to be able to communicate in Chinese and put language into functional use. Our classes consist of communicative and meaningful language activities to provide a fun learning environment that focuses on playful interactions in the Chinese language. It will sensitize children to language learning, help them acquire awareness and appreciation of other cultures, enhances their understanding of the Chinese language, and motivate them to pursue language study and use Chinese to communicate. We emphasize functional language use and cultural awareness. Our small class sizes allow us to work more closely with your children and maximize learning outcomes.

    - Emphasize character acquisition and practical language use rather than vocabulary
    - Second grade textbook is used as primary material in class. It will be altered into functional language usages when necessary and communicative activities are included to put the language points into use.
    - Homework is required for each lesson


  • Prerequisite: Prior knowledge of Chinese sounds
  • Lecture Language: Primarily Chinese and English will be used when frustration of understanding occurs
  • Text book: <<中文>>第二册, <<中文>>第一册if needed

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