Class 1

Class 1 is designed for first grade students. The instruction will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese. The pre-requisite for the class is mastery of Hanyu Pinyin and basic listening and speaking skills in Mandarin.

Class 1 uses 《中文》第一册 to structure the learning experience for the students. 《中文》 第一册 includes 12 lessons. Lessons one to six are designed for learning characters. The main texts are in form of new Chinese characters. No phrases or sentences are introduced. Starting from Lesson seven, the main texts take the form of simple sentences with specific themes that connect all the exercises. These themes are designed to help students learn Chinese culture while they study the language. Students will be able to build their vocabulary through reading and writing exercises, learn the name of different strokes, write Chinese characters with proper stroke order. After completing 《中文》第一册, students are expected to master about 130 Chinese characters (listening, reading, and writing); use five to ten sentence patterns for short conversation in Mandarin.

Along with 《中文》 第一册, students will learn how to use the Chinese-Chinese Dictionary 新华字典, which is an important tool for their future Chinese study experiences.

  • Prerequisite: Mastery of Hanyu Pinyin, Basic listening and speaking skills in Mandarin
  • Lecture Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Text book: <<中文>>第一册

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