By the end of the school year, the students will finish all 12 lessons of Book 8 of 《中文》. They will be able to read each lesson text with comprehension, retain all the characters learned in this book (about 184) and be able to construct meaningful sentences for oral and written communication, and also compose the writing with at least 200 words . In Chinese culture, the students will be able to present at least one research project on Chinese art, geography or history topics of their choice in class. The class time will consist of teacher instruction, games, projects, and drama. AP/SAT Chinese test will be introduced in the second semester and used as the supplemental practice only and is NOT this class’ main focus.

  • Prerequisite: <<中文>>第七册
  • Lecture Language: Chinese
  • Textbook: 《中文》第八册, 《中国历史常识》, 《中国地理常识》, 《中国文化常识》

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