Pinyin and Basic Chinese

As we all know that Pinyin is the alphabetical writing system for the Chinese language, acquiring it is always the first step to begin their journey of Chinese learning. Thus our Pinyin and basic Chinese serves as a very fundamental class prepared for further Chinese learning sessions. We will learn Pinyin, including tones, pronunciation and spelling, and some simple Chinese characters. Video clips, flashes, PPTs and games will fill the classroom with joy and make our learning process lively and interesting.

Our goal is that at the end of our teaching session, students are able to use Pinyin to spell Chinese characters and sentences.Students are expected to hold a solid foundation for further Chinese learning. Every Sunday, we will provide students a very natural Chinese environment that they are seldom exposed to in their daily life. The introduction of some cultural and Chinese traditions will also serve as a trigger for the students’ cultural awareness and interest in Chinese learning.



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