2017 Lantern Festival Celebration

Time: Sunday, 2/12/2017, 3-5 PM

Location: MSU Erickson Hall, Kiva Room (the circle shaped room at upper right corner of Erickson Hall)


2016-2017 School Year Registration Begins

! Please note: Following Michigan Public School guideline, children must be at least 5 years old by September 1st, 2016 to enroll in MSU Chinese School. 

The classes for school year 2016-2017 are now open for registration! Online registration is required for all Chinese classes.

1) The registration deadline is Monday, August 15, 2016.
2) Please fill out the accurate registration information, which will be printed onto certificates at year end and kept in the official student records and transcripts.
3) Late registration may cause a student to have no textbooks on time, and subject to $20 processing fee. (Tuition Policy)

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

The Chinese Classes are open for registration through Course Registration site:

For detailed information about courses and tuition, please visit:

For more information about teachers and students enrolled, please visit:

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New Classroom Rule

MSU Chinese School now adopts a school-wide rule on classroom management:

1. If a student does not follow teachers’ instruction/rule and school’s rules, teacher may warn him/her at most three times during one Sunday lesson (2 hours)
2. If after three times, the student still violates rules/instructions, teacher needs to report that and bring that student immediately to school officers on duty
3. In this case, school will collect details and work with parents/parent reps/teachers to resolve this issue. The actions may be for example, parents sitting in classroom, suspending 2 weeks, or dismissing the student from the school (the worst)


MSU中文学校因教学需要,拟招聘中文教师若干名,欢迎所学专业是教育/语言有关的和对教学有兴趣的同学/访问学者 -志愿者/非志愿者-报名。有兴趣经验不足的我们也提供培训 – 我们有6-7名在校长期任教的具有丰富双语教学经验的资深老师!我们学校成立1992年,现有140名学生,基本是在学校和附近政府公司工作的员工的孩子;加入我们的教师队伍,是你直接融入和了解兰辛的美国生活的捷径!

申请者须喜爱孩子,热爱中文教学,必须有工作许可证<http://msuchineseschool.org/index.php/faq/can-an-international-student-work-for-the-school/> (working permit to get paid;如所学专业与教育/语言有关的我们支持申请CPT)。工作时间:秋季从9月初到12月初(13个星期课程);春季 1月初到5月中旬(17个星期课程)。

我们仅每周日上一次课:上午10:30到中午12:20, 学校教室为MSU的教学楼 (艺术馆旁边社会学系楼)。 工资:$55/星期 + 学期奖金

有意者请发送简历给Guangming He  heguangm@msu.edu; Yue Qi (msuchineseschool.yq@gmail.com) ;Xuefei Hao <haoxuefe@isp.msu.edu>。

请尽快发送简历。经初选合格者,将安排面试/参观学校;录取者,我们会马上组织听课熟悉教学 。面试时间会酌情安排。

2016 Lantern Festival Photos and Videos

Here are some of the videos/photos from Lantern Festival. More to come…






Spring 2016 Semester

Our Spring 2016 semester will start on Sunday, January 10 2016. Please check Academic Calendar for details.

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