2014 Distinguished Teacher Award

2014 Distinguished Teacher Award

Voting Form (due on May 8, 2014)


  • Hasimu, Renaguli (withdrew her entrances to the voting process)
  • Zhang, Ruting (withdrew her entrances to the voting process)

Award Recipient

She has been doing an excellent job in motivating kids to learn Chinese language and culture. She has also been excellent in designing learning content, classroom instruction, homework and communicating with parents and students. She has really helped kids stay engaged and learn a lot of stuff. She is an exceptional teacher.
her professionalism and passion in Chinese teaching;
her professional lesson plan with variety of fun activities;
her great help to other teachers;
her teaching passion makes great influence on her students;
Ms. Qiu Yu is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher with many years teaching experience. Her teaching method is very effective!
Great teacher, make efforts to ensure the Chinese learning a lot of fun. Students love her.
Ms Qiu is nice to students and we have a lot of fun in the class in learning Chinese.
She is one of the best teachers in the Chinese school. She truly deserves the award.
A wonderful, caring and creative teacher.She is a great teacher!Yu is one the most responsible teachers my children ever had, she always send the class recaps and homework as soon as she can, mostly, Sunday afternoon right after they had Chinese class. She also made a lot of efforts on helping students who is taking AP tests. And she is trying very hard and successfully use different teaching forms to attract students, and cultivate their interests in Chinese learning! I hereby give my vote to teacher Qiu!




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