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《星星集》正收录着中文学校学生们的日常作业或作品。形式不限,无论是一篇小文章,一幅画,还是一页生字。我们把这些作品毫无修饰,一点点地积攒下来。过几年后, 当大家回首再看这些作品时,将会看到同学们曾在学习中成长。从而,意识到一点一滴的力量,体会到学习是一个循序渐进,日积月累的过程。

The School Journal 《星星集》 is saving our students’ works, from drawing, handwriting to article. A few years later when we come back  to review those works, we may realize how much our students have learned over time, and then feel proud of them and ourselves.


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