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1. 基本模式:使用英语Hang-man的基本程序。

B. 主持人再画一个绞刑架,备用。

C. 参加游戏的人最多三人一组挑战主持人。挑战者说出一个字母,如果主持人想好的话中有这个音,那么挑战者继续猜,直到猜错;猜错时,主持人在绞刑架上画一笔,直到最后完成一个小人儿的样子。如果挑战者在主持人完成小人儿之前猜出主持人所想的话,那么挑战成功;否则,主持人赢。注意:声调也可以猜,但只能在一个词的拼音字母都猜出之后才行。

D. 猜出完整的一个字(即读音完全正确)的,得到一个credit ticket; 猜出主持人所想的整句话的,得到三个credits tickets. (奖励数量可能会根据情况有变化)

E. 注意:挑战者必须说拼音字母发音,不准说英文字母发音。

F. 如果挑战者两人或三人一组挑战主持人,一人猜错后将丧失挑战权,挑战权归下一个人。

Now the rules in English:

1. The basic mode: similar to that of the Hang-Man, a familiar game for most American schoolers.

2. Rules in detail:

A. The emcee or host thinks of a sentence first in mind, and then draw some blanks on the whiteboard, with the number of blanks equal to the total number of Pinyin letters needed for the words in the host’s sentence in mind. The blanks of the words gather together or separate with a natural blank depending on the words.

B. The host draws a hanger on the whiteboard for later use.

C. Participants of this game challenge the host individually, or in groups of two or three. If the challenger correctly guesses a letter that exists in the host’s sentence, then the challenger continues to guess other letters or tone marks. If the challenger fails in one guess, the host draws one stroke towards a whole body of a person under the hanger. The challenger’s task is to save a person from being hanged by correctly guessing the whole sentence before the host finishes drawing the whole person. Note: guessing tone marks can only be started after the combination of letters of a word has been correctly guessed.

D. A correct guess of a character (i.e. both the pinyin letters and tone mark are correct) wins one credit or ticket for the challenger. The first challenger that has correctly guessed the whole sentence of the host will win 3 credits or tickets. The number of credits or tickets to be awarded may change depending on the situation at the party.)

E. Attention: The challenger must speak out Pinyin. Pronunication of English letters is prohibited.

F. If the challengers for a goup of two or three, the person who gives a wrong guess will pass the right of guess to the next person.

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