New Family Handbook

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Welcome to MSU Chinese School. Our goal is to make your family’s transition into MSU Chinese School a smooth and pleasant experience. Please follow the instructions below to learn about the School and enrollment process:

1) Open an account with the School. With the account, you can enroll each kid of yours in MSU Chinese School.

2) Register Chinese classes for each child of yours. We are offering an array of Chinese classes from Kindergarten through Advanced Placement.

3) Join our mailing list in order to keep connected with the School. To join in or quit from the list, or browse the mail archive, you can help by yourself. For more information, please see the page:

4) Review school policies and rules:

5) Browse recent news and announcements of the School

6) Contact the school administration team for questions and concerns

7) Become a volunteer, or share the idea or resources related to the Chinese learning or teaching. Please Register as a Volunteer:

8) Additional information about the School

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