New Teacher Handbook

Dear New Teacher,

Welcome to MSU Chinese School. Thanks for willing to teach in the School. Please follow the instructions below to learn about the School:

1) Open an account with the School. With the account, you can check the detailed information about your class, for example, the student list and the contact information of the student’s parents.

2) Join the teacher’s mailing list. To join in or quit from the list, or browse the mail archive, you can help by yourself. For more information, please see the page:

3) Browse recent news and announcements of the School, and get the student list and the contact information of the student’s parents.

4) Ask the principal for a copy of the textbook and instructor’s manual. Meanwhile, you may want to read the sample chapters or the electronic version of the books:

5) Get to your classroom a half hour early, especially, in your first day so that you can have time to try the projector and other instructional facilities. To find your classroom, please check the MSU interactive map:

To find out what facilities are in your classroom, please check “University Instructional Space” page:

6) Share the idea or resource related to the Chinese learning or teaching. Please contact the school administration team so that your idea or the resource can be posted on our website.

7) Share and archive homework and class notes

8 ) Contact the school administration team for questions and concerns, and more information about the School

9) Enter your contact information online

10) Review school policies and rules:

11) Teaching Resources:

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