School Policies and Rules

Age Requirement:

MSU Chinese School accepts all kids aged 5 to 18. Please note: Children must be at least 5 years old by September 1st to enroll in MSU Chinese School.

Tuition Policy:

1. Early withdraw refund

NOTE: No refund for Fall semester tuition after the first two classes of the calendar year. There will be $20 processing fee for refunded tuition.

2. Tuition for late enrollment

tuition = rate per class * number of remaining classes + processing free ($20), for example,  if rate = 10 and number of remaining classes = 15, then the tuition will be $170 (10*15 + 20).

3. Returned check

MSU Chinese School will charge $20 for every returned/bounced check.

4. Yearly Enrollment

Starting Fall 2015, student enrollment and tuition collection happen once a year. However, we will allow students to cancel the spring semester with full refund if we are notified during the fall semester; for sure we will also allow new students (who did not enroll in fall semester) to enroll for Spring semester.

Classroom Rule:

1. If a student does not follow teachers’ instruction/rule and school’s rules, teacher may warn him/her at most three times during one Sunday lesson (2 hours).
2. If after three times, the student still violates rules/instructions, teacher needs to report that and bring that student immediately to school officers on duty.
3. In this case, school will collect details and work with parents/parent reps/teachers to resolve this issue. The actions may be for example, parents sitting in classroom, suspending 2 weeks, or dismissing the student from the school (the worst).

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